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Here is book one in an exciting new series for action-adventure enthusiasts of all ages! More than just an epic adventure, though, it is an inspiring tale wherein an unsuspecting 11-year-old girl and her best friend uncover a great secret - real magic does exist! But, this magic isn't just for our young heroes - it continues for the reader long after the tale is told!

From The Rear Cover

Molly and Charlie live very ordinary lives. But everything changes when they meet a talking moose, catch a Pinkleton Dimple fairy, escape from Craggly’s haunted cemetery and embark on an incredible journey to find the enchanted Golden Tree! Molly and Charlie face countless dangers along the way, but that’s not all – they have discovered a great Secret! In the end, Molly must solve an ancient riddle or the Golden Tree and its Magic will be lost forever!

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             Praise For Molly Withers:




“Kent Rees has done a beautiful job weaving the laws of the Universe through his book “Molly Withers and the Golden Tree.” Children are in a fortunate position where they’re just making up their minds with respect to the ideas they’re accepting as truth; as adults we have to change our mind to entertain new information. The earlier we can expose children to the Laws and teach them how to work in harmony with them, the more successful they will be!”

~ Bob Proctor

Star of Internationally acclaimed “The Secret” and bestselling author of “You Were Born Rich”




“Today’s hottest celebs like Justin Bieber, Keke Palmer and Selena Gomez already have their copy!”

~Official Radio Disney Selection




“Molly Withers is a wonderful tale of hope which cleverly teaches the great Secret of life ─ an inspiring must read for all ages!”

~Raymond Aaron.

Coauthor “Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul” and “Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul”




“I read the story in one sitting...Molly is a real spark! The villains are great, the heroes fantastic, and the story moves you along without a break in the action!’

~Tracy Primeau

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